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-=>< Problem with HP LaserJet printers ><=-

A couple of years ago, I have discovered that all the programs below have problems printing with the HP LaserJet P1505. (Other HP LaserJet printers are probably affected similarly.) The printer just ignores the document, is not initialized, and nothing gets printed. (I cannot blame MS Windows for this since everything works just fine on my Epson printer.)

The way to work around this problem is to first use a Microsoft program like Notepad to print something (anything). This needs to be done just once to "wake up" the HP printer. Then, as long as you do not turn off the printer or shut down the computer, all the AR programs should print without problem.

Actually, you may not have to waste a single sheet of paper. If you use Notepad to print a blank document with no header and no footer, the HP printer will be initialized, ready to use, without even a page leaving its tray.

IMPORTANT: One must initialize the printer with something like Notepad before trying to print with one of the AR programs, otherwise everything might be stuck in the printing queue. If this happens, you will need to clear all the printing jobs from the queue or, even, to restart the computer.

This is a known problem. See the HP IT Resource Center Forum on Printers . It affects everything that has been compiled with a Borland product, including Delphi and their C++ Builder.

On 2009-08-21, I had an exchange of emails with the support staff at HP and I have been told that there not much that they can do about this. I would tend to agree. This is more a Borland problem than an HP problem. Anyway, as soon as I get a little more time, I intend to convert all my Borland Delphi programs into Lazarus Free Pascal (as well as rewriting some of the manuals using OpenOffice).

On this Web site, I am allowed only 10 MB of disk space, which is not much. So, as new softwares were being added, older ones had to be removed or simply left out. Those are

You may still find some reference to these programs on my Web pages and in some of my pdf manuals. As for the applications that remain available here, they should be those that would be the most useful for science and engineering students.

    ARLine for plotting data points and error bars when linear dependency is suspected
    Version 6.0
    ARFit for plotting and fitting data points using the method of least squares
    Version 3.0
    ARInduce a data analysis software which starts from a grid of data values and searches for the mathematical relations between them
    Version 2.0
    AREval for evaluating math expressions from a script of assignments
    Version 3.1
    ARMath2D for drawing various kinds of 2D plots or maps of math functions
    Version 3.0
    ARMath3D for drawing various kinds of 3D plots or maps of math functions
    Version 4.0

More infos

    More infos on:
Stereograms and anaglyphs
    Stereograms and anaglyphs can be made using ARGlobe, ARBeads, and ARMathS3. This Web page explains what it is all about.
    Science texts in pdf format:
    Science texts from Andre Ratel

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