version 3.1

(C) Andre Ratel (2012)

What is AREval?

AREval is a simple application for performing numerical calculations (including differentiation and integration) using values and expressions entered from a script. This script can then be saved on disk and, if needed later on, be reopened and edited.

When needed, some common physical constants can also be selected and pasted in the script from a window accessed through its Tools menu.

Although somewhat limited, the parser can deal with a sequence of expressions like x(t),y(t), z(t), r(x, y, z), f(r) and then perform calculations involving f(t), without the need for the user to explicitly express f as a function of t.

What AREval is not

AREval is limited to numerical evaluations and cannot perform symbolic calculations.


AREval requires: You need also Installation is "unzip and run" so there is no dumping of files in your Windows directory and no messing with the win.ini file or the Registry.

Important notice:
AREval will not work on a system configured for the decimal comma. This is because, in AREval, the comma is already used for separating the arguments of functions.


AREval is fully functional (not crippleware) and there is no time limit on its functionality.

It is free unless you make some money with it. If this is the case, it is only fair that I get part of it and you need to contact me (at, so that we can come to an arrangement.

AREval cannot be sold (alone or bundled in a package) without my written permission.

Downloading AREval

The AREval package contains the following files:

You can download the package (572 kB according to MS Windows).

If you have an old version of AREval and you want to know what is new in this one, you can have a look at the History.txt file before downloading the whole package.


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