version 1.0

(C) Andre Ratel (2016)

What is ARInduce?

ARInduce is a data analysis software. It starts from a grid of data values and searches for mathematical relations between them.

Each column of the data grid will contain values taken by a variable. The variables do not have to be numerical. Some of them (or even all of them) may be qualitative.

When trying to reach its goal, ARInduce is capable of defining its own variables and of introducing its own concepts.

The algorithms of ARInduce are Object Pascal implementations of some of the heuristic methods found in

Many of our examples have also been taken from this excellent book.

The current version of ARInduce has however some limitations:


ARInduce requires:

And be reassured: installing ARInduce or your system will involve no dumping of files in your Windows directory and no messing with the win.ini file or the Registry.


ARInduce is fully functional (not crippleware) and there is no time limit on its functionality.

It is free unless you make some money with it. If this is the case, it is only fair that I get part of it and you need to contact me (at, so that we can come to an arrangement.

ARInduce cannot be sold (alone or bundled in a package) without my written permission.

Downloading ARInduce

You can download the package (822 kB according to MS Windows).

If you have an old version of ARInduce and you want to know what is new in this one, you can have a look at the History.txt file before downloading the whole package.


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