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(C) Andre Ratel (1998)

Why I wrote ARLine

When I was a college student (in the old days of the slide rule), I just hate having to write those lab reports, especially when there were graphs involved. Putting all the experimental dots on millimeter paper and drawing the uncertainty rectangles around each of them was so boring that my mind tended to wander. And when, back to reality, I thought the job was almost finished, I then realized that I had made some stupid mistake and that I needed to start all over again. By the end of the semester, I was so fed up that I just put the points on the graph and did not bother at all with the uncertainties. This resulted in bad marks but, at least, I had then a little more time to really understand the theory.

Years later, I found myself teaching Physics in college. My students, then, had pocket calculators but, to my taste, they were still putting too much time on lab reports. Too often, they had to redraw their graphs because of bad scaling or some other dumb mistake. I would have preferred that they spent a little less time on these repetitive tasks and a lot more in studying subjects they did not understood very well like Newton’s third law and the conservation of momentum.

ARLine should help alleviate this problem. It was written especially with the science student in mind.

What is ARLine?

Let us say that, from a lab experiment, you obtained a set of N data points with their uncertainty bars. You suspect a linear dependency of the y-values on the x-values, that is y can be expressed as

      y = A x + B     with A and B constants.

ARLine will then allow you

Moreover, ARLine will automatically calculate Slope and intercept values can be displayed on screen, saved to file, or printed. You can also choose which of these lines will be drawn on the graph.

Working with ARLine

ARLine consists of four main windows:


ARLine requires: You need also And be reassured: installing ARLine or your system involves no dumping of files in your Windows directory and no messing with the win.ini file or the Registry.

Important notice:
This new version of ARLine will not work on a system configured for the decimal comma. You will need to use the decimal point for your input (for example 2.54 instead of 2,54).


ARLine is fully functional (not crippleware) and there is no time limit on its functionality.

It is free unless you make some money with it. If this is the case, it is only fair that I get part of it and you need to contact me (at, so that we can come to an arrangement.

ARLine cannot be sold (alone or bundled in a package) without my written permission.

Downloading ARLine

The ARLine package contains the following files:

You can download the package (826 kB).

If you have an old version of ARLine and you want to know what is new in this one, you can have a look at the History.txt file before downloading the whole package.


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