my Electronic pen      April 1998                     

MAY 1998
Lyrics of Life
... continuation on the other side of the mEp

cannot sleep my head's adaze
of persons places things i crave;
i'll never know just what's the best
when everything i want's a test.

before we came-a wonderland
awaited us, a place of sand
where palm trees grew
and sunshine reigns

that view so dear to me, of fun
was quickly landed from the sun
when day to day, life still is life
one lesson learned, but overnight.

these buildings odd, of stucco bland
seemed worlds away from something grand
our beaches close, i counted paces;
lined with factories, what disgraces!

the days we spent a roaming here
seemed futile, wasted time
where nothing clicked or caught our eye

and when it ends-as all things do,
perspective changes every view
the ugliness which was this place
is now a beauty, with a face

i do not see the oil stained streets
the mountains are so crisp
the beaches which were nothing
are havens, now of peace

conclusions come when things are done
and not while life is lived
when looking back
what's white was black
and what we saw now is.

it's not each thing, it's not a place
it's not what we define
it's when we leave or change our view
that things seem so sublime.

and now my vacation dreamed was real.