two weeks into our journey finds Poots and Boots on the beach in Alicante. the waves roar and the wind picks up. a family is playing olympics and the volleyball team battles it out. i find myself drawn to the sea, and i can't explain why. it scares me more than anything, it's bare expanse endless like death. however the solitude it evokes is inviting here, with people at every turn. alicante is a decent place, the Esplanade d'Espanña lined with warm Palms couloured chairs and junk vendors. when the locals ask you for money for small packets of kleenex or whatever else they've stolen from the corner stores, you can see that they really mean it.

we've not learned much Spanish yet although Boots has learned to count so that he can retrieve our room key when we return to the hotel. in this one which is quite spectacular, we have stainless soap dispensers in the shower. im crouched up now with the medeterranean wind lapping on my back, and i see that my arms have taken a nice brown hue and i'm happy that the lunchtime mussels have settled well in my belly.

i couldn't say that the travelling life is for me, although i do consider myself more worldly than most. christine, our aussie friend seemed to understand me perfectly. that was comforting, from someone who has spent the better part of six years on the road.

until now, today has been perfectly fine. we strolled the small streets of alicante with the locals mostly, and i thought often of what Dr. T would be doing - or has done - during her trips to Spain. I see that the food and wine does not compare to that of France, but the weather and slower speed of life makes for a more relaxing holiday environement in the true sense of the word. we're got a beautiful view of the castle from our huge balcony and at nightime the lights engulf it in a veritable glow.

Esplanade d'Espanña