Chapter One "The Case"

Mr. Dean Prido paused for a second as the telephone rung in his office, in Chicago Ill. (as opposed to?) "Hello?" He answered. It was his brother, Frank Prido. "Dean, there's been a murder!" "Where? Who, What, When?" Dean said. "Um, In the Calipso Alley, downtown, Mr. Lapointe, and 45 minutes ago!" "Oh my gosh," Dean said "I'll be right there. Where are you?" At Marty's Warehouse." OK be right there". "Bye" "bye". A click was heard on each end as they both got more + more excited. Dean got there in about 3 minutes.
As he got into the ware house, he saw the men all standing around talking about the murder. He wanted to know the facts as he was The Mr. Prido, Prido's Private Detective Agency, U.S.A. he got to the Police finially, and they explained the whole thing. Mr. Poopendorff, Hed of state police, started. "Well, Dean, Mr. Frank Lapointe was going to see a friend of his who's back door leads to Calipso Alley, was getting out of his car, when 2 men came behind him and grabbed him and pinned him down, and made him eat a Poison grapefruit! We know all this info, because an elderly lady was watching from an upper window and was mute and crippled so she didn't hear or say anything. And couldn't do anything about it. She wrote the whole story for us out, here, you'll need it, I'm hiring you." "I'm not the type to take the caser right off the bat, and ..." "Thanks A Heap! I knew you'd do it." "Well, I didn't say that, but..." "you're such a pal". "Waiyt!!!" "What?" "You are the police, Dean said, Why aren't you doing the case?" "Because his mother won't have police have anything to do with her or her son." "OK."

Dean went home, on a $25.00 basis. He was satisfyed. He wanted to talk to the lady and find other witnesses. He went to the alley, the car was gone, and knocked.

    Chapter Two...

Dean hoped he or she was home. A young girl about 15 opened the door. "yes," she said. "May I see the elderly lady who lives here?" He said. "I'm sorry you have the wrong door." She replied. "Oh, Terribly sorry." Dean said. She closed it, and, watching him through the window, saw him go up the steps to the right door. He knocked once more. An elderly man came to the door. "Yess?" He said bitterly. "We don't want .... (cut a part out) .....He went home in low spirits.

Chapter Three was never written. Probably never will be, either.


'murder in the alley' copyright LMP