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Four walls surround me.  Four walls surround everyone, interviewers and their guests on CNN, driving in your car, bordering the confines of your monitor are four walls.  We have openings cut in the walls, elevators that drop down from within walls, walls that are movable. yet walls that we desire to surround ourselves with.

We have seen walls come shearing down around us, slicing through our sensibilities and our  securities. It is called Wall Street.

WE are creatures of our own command of geometry. We defy the roundness of our universe by defiantly pronouncing our presence with square, straight lines.  Ironically, one of our few submissions to the laws of nature was used against us as the near-perfect shape of an aircraft was used to penetrate and obliterate a most sacred representation of our most proud buildings of the world.

I continue to see the interviews being conducted within walls, within the squareness of our own limits to thought. Our gurus of business and management continually push us to think "outside the box".  Never in my life has this been more inspiring and more relevant to understanding and dealing with the events of the past few weeks.  The understanding brings some fear with it, but more fascination and an expanding urgency to keep learning.

The box now includes much more than a process of business.  It encompasses a process of life and evolution, with all their subtleties and inconsistencies.  We have been preparing all our lives to deal with the unknowns in the best away that we can, by defining our processes and redefining our appraoches as variables present themselves.  As our faith in our way of life is challenged, we see that our four walls close in on us, fall away from around us and collapse onto us, unless we can redirect our energies from resisting the collapse of walls, and accept that our walls have been constructed by us, and confine our understanding of the world around us. Our moats have been crossed, or not-so-secret tunnels have been breeched and now it is time to engage our imaginations and our inexhaustaible belief that our imperfect interpretetion of
existence is the best one for the people of the world.

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