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the train
when the air here is still, it's very very still -  as still as the quietude that pervades the entire train experience. as it rolls to and fro', it's so quiet that you have to whisper. modern new trains have large yellow bars to hold on to, and all the Swedes are reading the small free newspapers which they leave hanging over the bars (for that purpose?) once they're done. large prams (locks on, i assume) block the standing areas, but the children are as silent as their parents, and adorable, so no one seems to mind. :-) just tonight a little thing as blond as tomorrow, started poking me in jest, and i responded to her poking by poking her back - to which my colleagues called me a bully ??? so poking back isn't even allowed in the place of 'don't rock the boat' only the train. 

one LED warns if a fast moving train is coming, and another tells obediently waiting commuters where the next train is destined for and if it's long or delayed. half the crowd talks outloud into invisible telephone wires,  and almost everyone is wearing grey wool pants and loud scarves. 

the air is warm and thick these days, there's a fog sandwhich as the CNN meteorologist described it. it's poot weather, and the smell of wet coloured leaves adds to the charm. thick fog only reminds me of my childhood summer vacations which were spent by the ocean in nova scotia. so i can't say i abhore it. aside from no one knowing which side to walk up and down the stairs, and the rampant spitting!, taking the train is as smooth and logical as playing monopoly, i'd say.

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