Free_MOn30 Module St@nd@rds    August 2008
Free-MOn30 Module Standards:

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Free-MOn30 Groups...

Local groups specify items above and beyond the basic Free-MOn30 Standards. These pertain to the width of the Interface Plate, with or without a scenic profile, along with the overall scenic treatment including ballast and fascia colour, etc, to convey a theme, era, region and so on...

  • On30Modules-Mid_Atlantic Division:
    Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware and surrounding areas...
    Modules that convey the spirit of East Coast Narrow Gauge railroading- from Eastern Shore and Tidewater areas across the Piedmont and into the foothills of the Appalachians.

In the South and West, On30 Groups grew out of the Texas OutLaws On30 Module Standards.
They are somewhat Free-Mo like in operations and set-up, but with track offset to one side at the interface...

  • Phoenix Arizona area On30:
    "While we have standards for our normal modules, we will allow FreeM0n30 modules"
    Running from the Gulf of California north into Arizona, California and Nevada...

Based on Bend-Track...

Not sure exactly what's happening down-under in New Zealand:

Flogging the dead horse is:

The real home of OCMODS is here:


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