On30 Coalition
Module St@nd@rds
(OCMODS) January 2008

On30 Coalition Module St@nd@rds (OCMODS)

Free-MOn30 Module Standards

Upper Canada & Algonquin Ry.

Information on constructing Adjustable Legs for modules.

Interface Plate Scenic Profile:

Interface Plate White Paper:

On30 Clearance Gauge (based on NMRA On3).

On30 Clearance Gauge adjusted for curves (based on NMRA On3).

DCC Throttle bus.

Anderson PowerPoles

Welcome to the updated and hopefully improved
On30 Coalition Module St@nd@rds webpage.

This attempts to set out what are considered a bare minimum set of parameters from which a group could base a local On30 module standard.

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Documents are in portable document format (PDF) and contain hot links.

OCMODS 2003 

An OCMODS module set under construction at a train show, circa 2003.

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On30 Coalition
Module St@nd@rds
(OCMODS) January 2008